*Gulps hard*


Here’s the list of resolutions that I have for the first year of the upcoming decade (yes, that is kind of a big deal for me). I have put it here, instead of writing them down in a notebook and throwing it away somewhere, This way, I’ll have an external pressure of being monitored by others (this will be online in the least, even if people bother to see or not).

Besides simply making them, I had to research a fair bit to make sure that I was improving my odds of success at these tasks, so that I don’t get into a demotivated rut.

  • Get four pack abs. 1
  • Wake up before 7 for 15 days. 2
  • Read for 15 minutes a day for 15 30 60 days. 3
  • Do 20 25 push-ups in a row on average. 4
  • Average typing speed of 80+ WPM. 5
  • 8.5+ GPA in both semesters. (2-2 and 3-1) 6
  • Work on a cool engineering project. 7
  • Do a 3 5 successful pull-ups in a row in proper form. 8
  • Write 10 posts for this blog. 10

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, mostly under the “Experiments” section. Also, as you see, I have not stretched most of my goals for the long term. This is a strategy I learnt the hard way. So, I’ll update the items on this list as I go on (you’ll get to see these soon, hopefully!)

I’d urge you to post your resolutions on a public platform and let me know, so that we may help each other do those things we’ve always wanted to do! Believe me, it’s going to be pretty fun! 😊

Till then…


  1. Mandatory requirement: This has to be verified by others.
    1/3: Almost halfway through! I have not been very consistent in Jan, got a little better in Feb, saw results. Ready to do much more!
    15/4: Got a green flag from some of my gym-freak friends. So, I can safely say so! I’d prefer maintaining this over getting a six-pack (it probably a demands a whole new level of discipline…)
  2. I love mornings, so it should be nice.
  3. I love reading, but recently I have been having some trouble in staying consistent and finishing off a long piece of text, because I get kind of disinterested when I try to resume after a long time.
  4. Current average: 13-15 (and I’m stuck!)
    Managed to do 20 in a row for the first time in January second week!
    7/3: A neat little trick (not cheating!) helped me increase my number of push-ups substantially. Let me know if you’d be interested in reading something on this!
  5. Current average: 65-70 WPM
    Achieved 80 WPM for the first time in the second week of January itself! Closing in…
  6. I need it. Badly.
  7. More details on this later.
    24/6: Tagged along with some professors and students in college for a cool project. Will share the details after some progress.
  8. I want to improve my upper body strength.
    20/1: Did my first proper chin-up!
    31/1: Did a pull-up for the first time ever! Not the cleanest in terms of form, but OK!
    16/5: Came a long way, now that 5 pull-ups are easy-peasy!
  9. I want to keep on writing and add some content up here.



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